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“Tami gets the job done. Period. The way she connects the right people at the right times is uncanny and brilliant. I can't say how much she has done for myself and my company.”

Taylor Conroy.  Founder

Change Heroes

The Power to Transform

The Power to Transform

The SolveForGood model helps clients refine programs for transformational success. Tami Kesselman and her team work closely with client management, diagnosing where the organization or program is succeeding, and where it is falling short, and help move from that space to a more powerful plan that mitigates downside risk while achieving goals faster and more effectively.

The Power to Lead

The Power to Lead

TBL Alpha Advisory's founder Tami Kesselman addressing the opening session of the Youth Assembly in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations, inspiring a global audience to see their potential for greatness in shaping a better future in their home countries and throughout the world.

Designing for Success

Designing for Success

Brought in as an expert to help Fortune 50 corporations, government aid agencies, and individual investors create programs to maximize their impact.

Conference Facilitation

Conference Facilitation

Whether working with Boards of Directors, small groups of senior executives, or global plenary sessions at the United Nations, Tami has a gift for enabling all parties to come together for consensus and forward action.

Collaborations for Good

Collaborations for Good

Conference Keynote

Conference Keynote

Bringing thought leadership to conferences. Engaging audiences around program excellence, designing for scale and building personal resilience.

 ...I work with clients who want their 

organization to scale successfully, leveraging a systems thinking approach and identifying strategic partners to accelerate growth and maximize impact & financial returns while minimizing downside risk. 

STRATEGIC ADVISORY - Tami works with founders and senior leadership to set your direction for the next 10 years, assessing global trends and the competitive landscape, and charting a course to grow your impact and your bottom line to meet your goals.

     Social Entrepreneurs

The proprietary Kesselman SMART Impact framework helps entrepreneurs create a roadmap to take initiatives to scale with impact empowering financial growth.


     Program Officers 

The proprietary Kesselman SMART Impact framework empowers corporate and foundations program officers, enabling them to analyze & increase impact of ESG & CSR programs, reviewing not just an individual program, but also opportunities to partner for even greater impact and dramatically improved ROI.

 Primary Focus

Organizations wanting to identify better ways to maximize the financial returns & positive impact of their programs on a world-changing transformational scale.


Who We Work With

Client Results 

Tami helps clients refine programs for transformational success, working closely with management & boards, diagnosing where the organization or investment strategy is succeeding and where it is falling short, and helping move from that space to a more powerful plan to achieve goals faster and more effectively.

Strategy & Program Design

Have you faced any of these challenges?

  • You are not satisfied with current results and need help pivoting to achieve more success?

  • You know you have real impact, but need help communicating that impact story more compellingly to clients or investors?

  • You have conceptual ideas for growth, but need to identify the right partners to maximize potential?

  • Requirements for market rate growth & 'positive societal impact' sometimes seem at odds with each other?

  • You need to evolve your due diligence and risk assessments to keep up with evolving definitions of 'impact' in a more demanding world?

  • Lack of management or board alignment to reach long term impact and financial goals?

Simply put, Tami helps clients identify where they want to be, and create a clear strategic plan to get there.

SPEAKING on SCALE - A dynamic speaker and featured keynote, Tami has developed a loyal following for her proprietary Kesselman SMARTimpact framework. 

Pulling from both her business & entrepreneurial experiences, she focuses audiences of corporate executives, private equity & venture capital investors, family office principals, and emerging entrepreneurial stars on the fundamentals of success – fine-tuning models for stronger financial and impact results while avoiding pitfalls top multinationals, individual investors and globally scaling entrepreneurs forget to account for until it is too late. 


Audiences leave with a renewed sense of excitement about the future and a clearer path for executing on their vision to achieve it.  


Along with curating the inaugural TEDx at the United Nations, speaking engagements have included the World Forum At The Hague, Rockefeller & Co Wealth Advisors, Opal's Investor Consultants Forum, McKinsey & Co, MIT Enterprise Forum, Mentor Capital Network, NEXUS Global Summit, the Social Finance Forum, and +Social Good as a moderator for their Master Class. Tami also lectures annually at Harvard Business School, teaching her proprietary ScalingBEST™ framework to world-leading entrepreneurs and angel investors.

Thought Leadership

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