Stepping Into Your Destiny


Guiding your transformational journey to achieve better work-life balance and bigger career success.

Along with our primary focus on improving results for organizations and investment firms working in the impact space -- through strategies that grow bottom line results while improving the world around us -- we serve three distinct groups of individual clients: 

     We help you identify where you want to be and create a clear strategic plan to get there.


     NextGen INHERITORS  

Individual and family mentorship for families transitioning wealth between generations. Are you facing difficult discussions and directional disagreements?  Tami stands out for her ability to work with each generation to help align priorities and find common ground for stewardship transitions.


Would your team benefit from a stronger pitch deck?  Tami will take you through the nuances of stronger messaging and refine your strategic approach to resonate more strongly for a wider array of funders.


One-on-one Mentorship of Senior Executives. Looking to further Advance your Career and your Impact in the World?  Sign up for a 1:1 session if you want to get there faster!


Are you ready achieve better results than ever before? 
Family Success:
Intergenerational Transfer
Guiding you through tricky transitions to solutions that work for everyone.
NextGen: Impact
Want to take your impact to the next level? With 1-to-1 coaching, you can get there quickly!
Achieving Work-Life Balance
Spend a day working 1-to-1 with Tami, creating a personalized path to both success AND happiness.
Founder Coaching
Work 1-to-1 with Tami, using proprietary tools developed to help client teams excel globally.
Closing the Deal
1-to-1 coaching to prepare your presentation. Want an edge? Book an appointment!
Advancing Your Career
A series of weekly 1-hour coaching sessions for you to achieve each of your professional goals.
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We work with you to achieve your goals. 


Customized 1-to-1 coaching sessions give you the targetted attention you need to achieve your goals, whether they are to get the next traunch of investment capital, find balance between competing career and personal aspirations, step onto the next rung professionally or reach the pinnacle of your career.

Individual Success & Leadership Advancement

Hourly Rate: $500.

Four hour goal-setting session: $1600


Additional discounts for weekly and monthly coaching retainers.



Summer special:  1/2 hour complementary consultation

Young Leaders

Each year we accept a few outstanding young leaders to coach on their next steps in achieving their visions.


If accepted, rates begin with $1999 for a series of three two-hour customized strategy sessions.  

Additional plans are available for longer term coaching. 

Purchase today and receive three hours of consulting for the price of two.

We look forward to working with you.

Are you ready to improve your results?  

We're here to guide you further, faster to success.

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Closing the Deal

1-to-1 coaching to prepare your presentation. Want an edge? Book an appointment!